GIS & Satellite Imaging Practice

Companies are increasingly turning to satellite imaging to improve visibility, identify and track assets, and monitor change over time.

Our satellite imaging practices deliver efficient and scalable image processing and classification. Powered by leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, and enhanced by proprietary processing and classification methods, our Geographic Information System (GIS) practice offers unparalleled reliability in image identification and asset tracking. 

Our GIS & Computer Vision Practice derives insight from satellite data using electromagnetic radiation.

Aerial ocean photograph

Powerful GIS solutions

Organizations are increasingly using satellite imaging for problems ranging from monitoring crop growth, detecting waste, identifying anomalies, tracking assets, and to identify all kinds of regional or global changes over time. Our GIS solutions provide a powerful solution to gain insight from available satellite imagery that enables companies to track more and track more accurately.

GIS Hot Spot Identifier

We help companies who need large scale identification of hot spots – areas where anomalies or specific objects have been identified. Our platforms offer companies easy access to recent changes and the ability to drill down into the areas of interest. With our platform at their fingertips, organizations can monitor effectively, allowing for faster response with increased precision.


Intelligent and Automated Analysis

Our object detection algorithms use ground truth to evaluate performance, learn from its mistakes and evolve over time. Scheduled retraining ensures models avoid concept drift while regular reports provide insight in the model’s impact and improvements over time.

Aerial photo of crops

Advanced Object Detection

We use cutting edge modeling methods to improve image classification and object detection. Through the use of mixed data inputs, experience in productionizing complex image tasks, and thorough research in industry applications – we can build image classification solutions to fit your business requirements.

Our Recent GIS Research

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