Advanced Mathematical Modeling Practice

Advanced Modeling Practices

Machine learning and statistical models are in growing demand and have continued to change the way we do business. However, companies increasingly struggle to move beyond descriptive statistics and the use of modeling solutions providing intermittent insights. With increased need to automate labor intensive processes and scale in a globalizing economy – modeling offers critical solutions for today’s business.

While navigating the development of impactful modeling solutions and moving them to production can be challenging –  we can help! We have experience streamlining modeling solutions to derive real business value. Our solutions are tailored to support your business process in order to take your business to the next level.

Our Process

  1. 1
    Consultation and assesment

    You know your business and its needs. That's why we will work closely with you to best understand how and where our modeling and analytics expertise can help drive your business forward. Contact us for a free consultation and evalutation.  

  2. 2
    Outlined project plan and resources

    We design plans and resources to fit your timeline and business demands. We will clearly outline what to expect throughout the project so you can be comfortable at every stage of the way.

  3. 3
    Dedicated implementation

    Our clients know they are our highest priority. Throughout implemenation we will have regular communication, report on progress and milestones, and ensure a professional and successful implemenation.

  4. 4
    Continued support

    Your analytics strategy and business needs will continue to evolve over time. As they do, you may want to refine your analytics and modeling solutions. We will be here to assist you and provide support now and in the future. 

Looking for E-CommerceForecastingSupply ChainBusiness IntelligenceMachine Learning Consulting?

Looking for E-CommerceForecastingSupply ChainBusiness IntelligenceMachine Learning Consulting?

Extract unstructured data
  • Automate text extraction
  • Identify valuable information
  • Classify documents/texts
  • Conduct sentiment analysis
Predictive Analytics & Modeling
  • Customer engagement
  • Customer segmentation
  • Campaign optimization
  • Risk assessment
  • Churn prevention
Forecasting & Supply Chain Management
  • Demand/supply forecasting
  • Product pricing
  • Sales forecasting
  • Campaign strategy
Business Intelligence
  • Build live dashboards
  • Create actionable insights
  • Monitor processes

Advanced Modeling Work

Computer vision
  • Satellite imaging
  • Ecommerce and segmented models
  • Anomaly Detection – one shot and low sample
  • Stacked, Ensemble models
  • Mixed data Convoluted Neural Network (CNN) models

We build on state of the art image classification models and imbed contextual and meta data into our model training. Since your business has unique needs, we incorporate information specific to your business to attain superior performance. Find out how we can build high performing image classification models to improve your business today by scheduling a free consultation.

We work with special image classification cases including satellite imaging, low sample data, and stacked and aggregated image classification models. While every project comes with its set of complexities, we can build custom and streamlined solutions to get your models into production and onto actionable results. 

The word cloud above creates a visual representation of general topics in a document. See our latest article on working with unstructured data and building NLP models. We go into depth on text cleaning and processing, topic modeling, and state of the art models such as BERT for text classification to enhance text searchability.
Natural Language Processing in Depth

Natural Language Processing (NLP) can assist companies with various tasks including automating topic classification, document processing, identifying customer outcomes and text generation. Whatever your specific NLP needs are, we can help you get there. Our work includes:

  • In-depth clustering & segmentation
  • Text classification including topic identification, sentiment and outcome prediction. 
  • Entity extraction & taxonomy creation
  • Text generation 
Forecasting & Campaign modeling
  • Forecast results of marketing campaigns and company revenue and profits that go beyond seasonality and trend predictions. Model complex supply relationships in order to create optimize profitability or market penetration. We use statistical forecasting models in combination with machine learning models and optimization software to enhance your marketing and pricing strategy. 

    1. Seasonality and trend forecasting
    2. Capture supply and demand relationships while accounting for extraneous variables
    3. Build robust models capable of modeling discounts, inventory constraints, customer engagement and time sensitive trends.
    4. Simulate product pricing
      • Account for cannabilistic affects between products
      • Optimize pricing for profits by product ‘class’
    5. Simulate marketing campaigns
      • Predict expected revenue
      • Compare campaigns
      • Suggest optimal campaigns
    6. Optimize pricing and campaigns based on company constraints and strategy
      • Profitability
      • Market Penetration
      • Mix: Optimal market penetration within set profit constraints.
Artificial Intelligence solutions for the modern world

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