Computer Vision Practice

Wide Variety of Applications

  • Video and image modeling
  • Satellite imaging
  • Visual search engine
  • Healthcare imaging
  • Retail & Ecommerce
    • Product classification
  • Automate object identification
  • Industrial & real estate development
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Advanced Object Detection

We use cutting edge modeling methods to improve image classification and object detection. Through the use of mixed data inputs, experience in productionizing complex image tasks, and thorough research in industry applications – we can build image classification solutions to fit your business requirements.

Intelligent and Automated Analysis

Our object detection algorithms use ground truth to evaluate performance, learn from its mistakes and evolve over time. Scheduled retraining ensures models avoid concept drift while regular reports provide insight into the model’s impact and improvements over time.

Our Recent GIS Research

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Ecommerce: Computer vision applied to Ecommerce can help scale your business, streamline your processes, and increase customer satisfaction.

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Product Classification

In the last decade, image classification has had a large impact in the ecommerce world. Automation and scaling are becoming essential components of the industry and image classification has played a large role. Whether classifying incoming products, verifying quality, or creating visual search engines – we can help you use image classification to streamline your process.

Marketing & Customer Segmentation

Use image classification to improve customer experience, enhance product sales, and create visual search engines. Click below to learn more about enriching your customer experience and marketing efforts.

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