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Take full ownership of your career path while working alongside your peers on exciting, meaningful,  and innovative projects.

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Contribute your unique experience in data science, consulting, project management, and business development to our team.

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Be part of a team where you have the ability to impact every level of our organization and positively influence our clients.

Northwestern Analytics Recruitment

We are always looking for our future Associates and Partners.

Building a Future Together.

Quick Guide to our Roles and Responsabilities


Partners typically act as a client manager to understand the needs of the client and work with Associates and Analysts to develop and implement solutions. On the business side, Partners help to implement business objectives.

Principal Associate

Principals have made an invaluable contribution to the Firm, and as such are given greater leadership and practice development opportunities.


A subject matter or technical expert. Associates act as consultants and help to develop solutions to meet the client’s needs. They work in conjunction with Analysts to implement the solution for the client.

Data Analyst

An analyst sets the foundation of the work. This foundation is set by ensuring the details are taken care of. Solutions developed by Associates are implemented by Analysts. Their work ensures the timely delivery and quality of the solution to our clients.

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Subject Matter Experts (SME) are consultants brought on for limited engagements based on their wealth of knowledge in a particular area.

Business Analyst (BA)

Business Analysts share similar responsibilities with Data Analysts, although their focus is principally on process discernment, stakeholder engagement, and requirements gathering.

Building a Future Together.

We are always looking for our future Associates and Partners!

Northwestern Analytics Partners, LLLP was founded as a partnership to give our Partners and Associates a professional and collaborative environment within which to perform research and practice our science. As a partnership we have several levels of commitment to our Firm, each with different expectations and responsibilities.

Our Northwestern Analytics Data Analysts and Business Analysts serve on our internal and external project teams. In exchange for their cutting edge academic knowledge, Analysts gain valuable experience working alongside experienced Data Scientists on real world projects.

Individuals committed to the firm and expressing a strong dedication to our practice of Data Science are invited into formal association with our Partners and accept the role of Associate of Northwestern Analytics. As an Associate the formal matriculation process through the firm commences, and Associate Data Scientists, Associate Developers, Associate Consultants, and Associate Business Team Members work alongside Partners to deliver value to our clients and develop our practice.

Associates who demonstrate strong leadership, acumen in research and science, and excellence in their practice area or business capacity and are pursing a Partner track may be offered the role of Principal Associate of Northwestern Analytics. Principals serve as our Leaders and Business Managers, and are afforded greater freedom to develop their individual Practice.

Finally, at the heart of our Firm are the General Partners who are intrinsically tied to the firm itself and accept the mantle of Partnership, sharing responsibility for the execution of our mission and the performance of our governance.
Partner is a serious commitment that not everyone is able to make, and for those leaders we would make Manager and Director roles available.
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Although we recruit specialists from time to time based on project and client needs, the best way to learn more about us, and for us to learn more about you, is to make acquaintances. Please use the form below, or contact any of our Partners or Associates to get connected!

    Portrait of Alissa Agarin
    Alissa Algarin

    Practice Development

    Photograph of Andrew Damico
    Andrew D’Amico
    General Partner

    Business Operations & Strategy
    Business Analytics Practice

    Cameron Moore
    Cameron Moore

    Gis Practice, Computer Vision Practice

    Edward Franz

    Business Operations & Strategy

    Headshot of Jessica Price
    Jessica Price

    Business Analytics Practice, Business Operations & Strategy

    Michael Martley

    Gis Practice, Computer Vision Practice

    Photograph of Michael Purvis
    Michael Purvis
    General Partner

    Data Engineering & Cloud Infrastructure
    Onboarding and Practice Development
    Business Operations & Strategy

    Saul Alarcon
    Associate Data Analyst

    Business Intelligence Group

    Photograph of Tony Tran
    Tony Tran
    General Partner

    Business Analytics & Automation Practice
    Business Operations & Strategy

    Zahid Khalil

    Business Analytics Practice

      Our purpose is to assist individuals and organizations in making a positive difference in their industry and in their community through education, data strategy, and innovation.

      Our mission is to create industry-leading, tailored solutions powered by sound research to assist companies in making data driven decisions and innovating in their field, engaging brilliant people, and cultivating diverse and forward-thinking perspectives.

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