Tony Tran

As a Partner, Tony assists with recruitment efforts, Human Resources, and strategic positioning. He has worked in Human Resources and HR Analytics for over 10 years. He received his Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Connecticut, Masters in Labor Relations and Human Resources from Michigan State University, and Masters of Science in Data Science from Northwestern University. Human Resources and Data Science makes a perfect marriage. HR has to track and store data and Data Science provides the tools to analyze the data to provide meaningful insight. Organizations that can combine the two fields effectively will have a competitive advantage with respect to their human capital. 


Educational Background



Master of Science, Data Science, Northwestern University


Master of Science, Human Resource and Labor Relations, Michigan State University


Bachelors Degree, Psycology, University of Connecticut

    Our purpose is to assist individuals and organizations in making a positive difference in their industry and in their community through education, data strategy, and innovation.

    Our mission is to create industry-leading, tailored solutions powered by sound research to assist companies in making data driven decisions and innovating in their field, engaging brilliant people, and cultivating diverse and forward-thinking perspectives.

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